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We at Consult-HR look forward to supporting you in HR software comparisons. In the German-speaking market alone, there are now more than 250 HR solutions – this trend rising sharply. Not least due to the proliferation of cloud technology, the available spectrum of professional HR software has become almost unmanageable.

HR software market in transition

Comparisons between HR software reveal disparities in the market for human-resource solutions. Unlike other software sectors, there are no clear market leaders here. Major software manufacturers such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft are finding it difficult to attain their usual dominance in the HR software environment. In the competition between providers, the numerous medium-sized software houses usually have the lead. These are predominantly fully specialized in personnel processes and have long been established on the market. New arrivals in recent years have comprised many providers from Germany and abroad relying, in particular, on web-based applications and cloud technology.

HR software comparison

HR software comparison – independent advice

Consult-HR helps your company choose the right software from the available diversity of solutions. We compare HR solutions on the basis of your requirements. In addition to considering technological and functional aspects, the primary aim is to find a solution which provides the best possible support and optimization for your specific HR processes.

Multiple special solutions or everything from a single source?

When comparing human-resource software, it should be noted that highly specialized applications are available in addition to extensive human-resource management suites. Whereas some companies prefer a solution from a single source, perhaps also necessitating compromises in terms of functionality, others prefer the so-called best-of-breed concept. In this case, they choose the best solution for each area. We look forward to advising you on the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy, and consider a number of scenarios when comparing HR software.

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HR software comparison, from applicant management to talent management

Whereas classic HR software was limited to the areas of personnel management and payroll accounting, numerous other functional areas are now covered by HR software. Here are just 3 examples:

  • Applicant management and recruiting software facilitates hiring of personnel.Application processes can be shortened and streamlined using applicant management software. Recruiters have an overview of submitted applications at all times.
  • With the help of workforce management software, personnel deployment is optimized according to requirements. In this process, it is ideally possible to fulfil employees’ wishes besides guaranteeing efficient utilization of machines and facilities.
  • A significant increase in the importance of staff development in recent years is also being reflected in the software market. Talent management is the current trend in HR software. Talent management software allows employees to be promoted in a more targeted manner, motivated to a greater degree, and retained in a company in the long term.

Your competent partner in software selection

Whether you are looking for an all-inclusive HR suite or a special solution for talent management, for example, Consult-HR is your partner for HR software comparisons.

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HR software comparison