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HR strategy consultancy

Consult-HR looks forward to advising you on strategic orientation toward future requirements in human-resource management.

Selection of HR software

Consult-HR provides support in selecting the most suitable HR software for your company. 100% manufacturer-neutral

Advice on human-resource management

Consult-HR considers itself a partner of personnel departments and advises you on all matters related to IT in human resource management.


What distinguishes us

HR software consultancy | HR software comparisons

At Consult-HR, we see ourselves as a partner of our clients’ human-resource departments. We can provide you with targeted support, thanks to our specialization in HR software. We strive to develop a sustainable IT strategy for human-resource management in close cooperation with you. HR software is a central building block for this purpose. Available here is an extremely wide diversity of solutions often difficult for laypersons to interpret.


With the help of our experience and expertise in this area, we jointly find the ideal software for your organization. For this purpose, we employ proven methods enabling fast achievement of the desired results.


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Our added value for you

100 % HR

Consult-HR specializes purely in HR software.

100 % customer focus

We are oriented exclusively toward our clients’ interests.

100 % manufacturer-neutral

Consult-HR advises you neutrally on the entire available range of HR software.

100 % experience

The right methodology and best practices for successful projects.

100 % passion

We enjoy challenging projects. Put us to the test!

100 % confidence

We advise you fairly, independently, openly and honestly.


Why consultancy?

Our support reduces personnel costs and minimizes entrepreneurial risk during software selection.

The market for HR software solutions is extremely opaque. Decisions on investment here are of high strategic relevance to your organization. With our experience and expertise, we jointly develop a sustainable IT strategy and find the most suitable solution. Our know-how here enables significant lowering of personnel expenditure involved in selection of suitable software, thus ultimately allowing you to reduce costs.

The most important advantages of consultancy in HR software selection

Confidence & fair play

Confidence is the most important resource in the consultancy business. That is why our objective at Consult-HR is to win your confidence. Confidence arises through fair and honest dealings with prospective parties, customers as well as own employees and partners. From our point of view, fairness, along with trustworthiness and professional expertise, is the key to successful business. We firmly believe that only fair relationships can serve as a basis for successful business relationships providing mutual benefits in the long term too. Confidence and fairness

Trust in Consult HR

Some of our references

Which HR software is really the best?

HR software comparison

We are often asked which HR software is the best. The answer to that, of course, is: “It depends”. This is because every organization has different business processes and requirements. Declarations that some HR software or other is the best are therefore frivolous, to say the least. In fact, detailed comparisons of HR software are indispensable for successful software projects.

This requires extensive and up-to-date market knowledge as well as proven methodology. As a manufacturer-independent HR consultant, we offer our clients the opportunity to choose from the entire spectrum of human-resource management solutions. We do not issue recommendations based simply on three contractually bound solutions, for example. We jointly analyze your needs, formulate specific requirements and then compare the most suitable providers.