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Sample projects involving HR software consultancy

Consult-HR aims to provide you and your enterprise with precisely matched, constructive support. Jointly with you, we aim to turn your HR project into a success quickly and directly. That is why we think little of rambling analyses of actual situations and never-ending catalogues of specifications. It is much more important to harness the potential of modern HR software for one’s own organization, to apply best-practices, and to ask the right questions. This requires a know-how of available personnel management software, and experience in software selection, which we are happy to place at your disposal.

Two typical examples of projects are described next:

Sample projects involving HR software consultancy

Project A: Brief consultancy regarding HR

Initial situation: The project group wants to accomplish as much as possible itself, and is looking for targeted support in advance of the tender procedure.

  • A catalogue of specifications has already been prepared by the group.
  • The first software vendors have already been contacted.


  • Is the catalogue of specifications sufficient?
  • Have we thought of everything?
  • Do we have the right software vendors on the long list?

Support by Consult-HR::

  • Inspection and optimization of the catalogue of specifications
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Background information about the solutions on the long list, additional suggestions

Project B: Full project support

Initial situation: To save its own human resources and implement the IT project professionally, the company wants to work with an external consultancy right from the start.

  • UDissatisfaction with the personnel department’s existent IT infrastructure
  • The budget for new HR software has already been approved


  • How can we meaningfully modernize HR-processes?
  • What is the best way to choose software?
  • Which software vendors should be considered?

Support by Consult-HR::

  • Strategic consulting
  • Process analysis (short), definition of target processes
  • Creation of a catalogue of specifications
  • Pre-selection of software solutions (long list)
  • Implementation and evaluation of the tender procedure
  • Creation of storyboards for software presentations
  • Analyses of quotation
  • Project management up to going live

All the project steps listed here can also be commissioned individually as required.

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