Reliance and fairness

Reliance is the most important resource in the consultancy business. Reliance arises through fair and honest dealings with prospective parties, customers as well as own employees and partners.

From our point of view, fairness, along with trustworthiness and professional expertise, is the key to successful business. We firmly believe that only fair relationships can serve as a basis for successful business relationships providing mutual benefits in the long term too.


Reliance is the prerequisite for successful consultancy. We guarantee confidential and safe handling of the sometimes sensitive information from our interested parties and clients.


The advice provided by Consult-HR is absolutely manufacturer-neutral. We are able to do this because we neither distribute our own software nor receive commission on brokered contacts or deals.


We are committed to an honest and open relationship with our clients and prospective customers. In case of doubt, we also possess the resolution to occasionally say ‘no’ when it comes to safeguarding a project’s success.


We advise according to the principles of transparency. This means that all project and work steps are documented. Our offers also include detailed lists of the individual project phases and work steps together with the related expenditures.


Consult-HR aims to be a team player as well as a coach. Together, in close and trustworthy cooperation, we are able to most effectively attain the set objectives. We strive to minimize the workloads incurred by you. In this process, you maintain control at all times and receive a factual basis for making strategic and investment-related decisions.


Fairness in dealing with our customers also means that we do not try to sell as many days of consultancy as possible. You will be amazed at how quickly we can achieve results with the necessary experience and proper methodology.

Reliance and fairness

Our consultancy principles

  • We are committed exclusively to the interests of our clients.
  • Consult-HR neither sells its own software, nor is Consult-HR a partner of one or more software manufacturers.
  • Consult-HR does not receive any commission for brokered contacts or deals.
  • We stand for openness and honesty in dealing with our customers.
  • Consult-HR sees itself as a partner at your side. Jointly we turn the project into a success.
  • We make our work transparent so that our customers remain in control at all times.
  • Consult-HR focuses on efficiency. We promise to keep expenditures and costs as low as possible.