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IT strategy in HR

It is our pleasure to support you and your company in finding the appropriate IT strategy for human resources. Utilize our expertise and let our experienced consultants accompany you during digital transformation.

HR software as the engine of digital transformation

Modern and efficient HR requires powerful IT infrastructure. The personnel departments of companies long ago outgrew the role of a mere administrator of human resources. HR is a business partner and a business enabler at the same time. The area of human resources is now providing decisive impulses for digitization and initiating internal modernization processes.

IT strategy in HR

Personnel management as a decisive success factor

In order to successfully shape a company’s digital transformation, however, a sustainable IT strategy regarding human resources is needed. The employed HR software is of central importance here. The importance of modern personnel-management software to a company’s success cannot be overstated. Numerous studies prove the ROI of HR systems. At last, this is also being recognized by IT and management. For a long time, HR solutions remained in the shadows and were often mere appendages to a dominant ERP system.
Also due to a shortage of skilled workers, HCM (human capital management) systems have become immensely important in the last 10 years. New technologies and disruptive business models such as Cloud and SaaS have completely unsettled the market.

Talent management and employee self-services as drivers of development

For a long time, HR systems have long offered more than just payroll accounting and time registration. Talent management, personnel development and recruiting are the top subjects forming part of HR activities. Employee and management self-services furthermore offer personnel departments the opportunity to transfer responsibility to key players at companies. Employees and managers are enabled to initiate as well as independently organize processes such as vacation requests and talks with employees. HR as a business enabler pre-determines the framework. In this way, purely administrative activities are significantly reduced, and resources are freed for actual personnel-related work.

How do I find the right IT strategy for HR?

The challenge at first is to identify the most appropriate scenario which will determine the solution for your organization. A total of three main strategic issues can be identified:

Top 3 questions regarding IT strategy in HR:

1. Best-of-breed vs. integrated HR suite

2. HR Software als Cloud-Lösung oder on-premise

2. HR software as a cloud solution or on-premise

Best-of-breed vs. integrated complete solution

Large, integrated HR suites often compete with specialized solutions such as those for applicant management. Whether a combination of several special solutions (known as best-of-breed approach) or an integrated, complete HR solution is more expedient must be decided individually for your organization.

Cloud vs. on-premise

Another key question arising in IT projects for HR is whether cloud providers or internally hosted on-premise solutions should be favoured. Issues such as data security and data protection, in particular, play a decisive role in this consideration. Here, too, we are happy to assist you in decision-making.

Local vs. global IT strategy for HR

Does your company have multiple locations, perhaps also abroad? If so, then the advantages and disadvantages of central or decentralized IT strategy must also be discussed. This results in synergy effects for globally deployed HR solutions. On the other hand, local solutions offer greater flexibility at individual locations. Here, too, decisions should be customer-specific.

All these strategic objectives have the greatest implications for your company’s future direction. We will gladly place our experience and expertise at your disposal.

Which software fits my IT strategy?

On the basis of the strategic considerations, the second step is to select the most suitable solutions from a virtually incalculable spectrum of offers by software providers, and combine them sensibly wherever necessary.

The deployed HR software must meet the highest demands in terms of performance, functionality, flexibility and agility. Usability is also of outstanding importance to acceptance of software. User-friendliness and ease of operation have become decisive criteria in software selection projects.

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